Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is an advanced therapy that encourages the natural process of the lymphatic vessels to eliminate waste products and to boost your body’s defences.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is what we call a “skin technique” in which the MLD therapist uses specialized , infinitely light, rhythmic pumping techniques on the skin in order encourage lymph to move in the direction in which the skin is being stretched.This stimulates the lymphatic vessels which carry substances vital to the defense of the body and removes waste products.

MLD is used to help to treat a variety of conditions because it has a calming effect on both mind and body and as well as for treating oedemas including lymphoedema, it is also used for well being and relaxation , weight loss and detoxing .




Deep Oscillation® Massage Therapy originated in Germany in 2007 and uses the Hivamat to create low frequencies of gentle electrostatic impulses that ‘knead’ your skin’s tissue by contracting and releasing it between 5-250 times a second .Scientifically researched frequencies penetrate the skin tissue to depths that have been proven to remove excess inflammatory caused by products, protein solids and lymph fluid build up, thus leaving the skin to embark on its natural healing process.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapists combine their treatments with Hivamat Deep Oscillation® massage therapy to achieve great success for our clients suffering from Lymphoedema , or oedemas generally.



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“Tammy listened , really listened . She understood my concerns , then put me at ease and expertly treated my lymphoedema . Over time she taught me skills to respect my lymphoedema and what I can do to keep the condition under control….this has added quality to my life and I will always be grateful. Finding her contact details on-line when my arm ached so much was one of the smartest lunch breaks I have ever taken!  
I had the pleasure of a series of MLD treatments post-op vaser lipo on my stomach and inner thighs from Tammy. I write to express my gratitude and delight as I can see and feel the difference it has made to my recovery from major surgery. Tammy is attentive and quick to ascertain where the focus should be. She has a wonderfully calm manner too. I know that this treatment has resulted in reduced swelling and increased the speed of my recovery. I was pleasantly surprised, after just one treatment the majority of swelling was gone. I also found the treatment to be incredibly relaxing and soothing, which is a bonus. Thank you Tammy  ” Shanaz
“I had the MLD treatment with Tammy after I underwent vasor lipo.  Tammy was great, very friendly and easy to talk to. She instantly made me feel at ease.  The treatment helped loads with my recovery. It was relaxing and soothing which helped as I was very sore after the lipo.  I noticed a difference after a few sessions. The treatment helped with the stiffness and hard scar tissue that formulates after surgery.  Would recommend Tammy to anyone, she’s lovely.” Selina
“I have been to Tammy for treatment of lymphoedema following breastfeeding cancer surgery eight times in the past couple of months, having struggled to find anyone who specialises in lymphoedema massage therapy. From the first consultation I found Tammy to be professional, knowledgeable and approachable. I was immediately at ease in her company, she is so friendly and helpful. I am now being treated for my condition through the NHS, but wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tammy or seek her help again, should it be necessary.” Sue Smith