Deep Oscillation

A complete sense of wellness

Hivamat Deep Oscillation® Massage Therapy.

Deep Oscillation® Massage Therapy originated in Germany in 2007 and uses the Hivamat to create low frequencies of gentle electrostatic impulses that ‘knead’ your skin’s tissue by attracting and releasing it between 5-250 times a second.

Scientifically researched frequencies penetrate your skin tissue up to 8cm and have been proven to remove excess inflammatory caused by products, protein solids and lymph fluid build up; leaving your skin tissue to embark on its natural healing process.

The benefits of Hivamat Deep Oscillation® Massage Therapy.

The physiological effects of Hivamat Deep Oscillation® are clinically proven to:

  • Promote faster healing even on open wounds
  • Reduce cellulite, bruising and scarring
  • Alleviate pain and swelling
  • Enhance pre- and post operative therapy with anti-oedema, lymph drainage, anti-fibrosis and detoxifying properties
  • Lift and tone facial, bust and buttock muscles
  • Stimulate cell and collagen production for smooth younger looking skin
  • Improve skin tissue quality and elasticity

“I sustained an injury (medial ligament) in a football match. My knee was very swollen and painful. For 2-3 weeks, I used Hivamat Deep Oscillation® and it was very relieving of the pain, it also helped take down the swelling”. Deon Burton of Sheffield Wednesday FC

“Deep Oscillation® has been very beneficial in aiding my recovery from the surgery I had to repair the ligaments in my right knee earlier this year. Through regular application, it took a lot of the swelling out of my knee and I feel it has generally speeded up the process of me getting back into my regular training routine”. Carl Froch, Reigning British Super Middleweight Boxing Title Holder

“I was slightly sceptical at first, but I have to say that, having experienced this type of treatment, it really does work, it was good for me because I did not want to keep on taking so many tablets and it is a brilliant alternative to drug therapy”. (extreme back pain)

“It was a strange sensation, like something I haven’t ever felt before but it was a wonderful experience. It felt like it was hitting deeper than a regular massage would”. (shoulder pain)

“I was having weekly manual treatments up at the Lymphoedema clinic at my local hospital. Then I heard about a private practitioner who used the Hivamat® 200, I went for several treatments and was impressed by the benefits and saw a real improvement of my Lymphoedema”. Pauline (Oxford) UK

What applications can Hivamat Deep Oscillation® Massage Therapy be used for?

Hivamat Deep Oscillation® has been proven as an effective therapy for:

  • Occupational injury and everyday conditions associated with pain, inflammation, swelling and scar tissue
  • Combined with manual lymphatic drainage for lymphoedema sufferers and post aesthetic surgery rehabilitation
  • Sports injuries; applicable immediately after injury
  • General and surgery aftercare
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Anti-ageing treatment for face, neck and décolleté
  • Laser re-surfacing rehabilitation
  • Pre- and post-operative Liposuction
  • Respiratory problems
  • Pre-chiropractic adjustment

How does Hivamat Deep Oscillation® Massage Therapy work?

Your therapist is connected to the Hivamat 200® machine using an electrode and you will hold a light neutral titanium bar loosely between your fingers. Wearing vinyl gloves and using talc instead of oil, your therapist massages your target area allowing the pulsed oscillations to penetrate your skin to a depth of 8-12cm through skin, connective tissue, sub-cutaneous fat, muscle, blood and lymph vessels.

Hivamat Deep Oscillation® massage therapy works by attracting and releasing your skin tissue between 5 and 250 times using electrostatic impulses. This creates a deep vibrational effect deep within the tissue which ‘stirs up’ the protein solids, inflammatory by products and lymph fluids, assisting in their dispersal/removal out of the lymph system. It is a deeply relaxing experience .

Hivamat Deep Oscillation® Massage Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Our qualified Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapists combine their treatments with Hivamat Deep Oscillation® massage therapy to achieve great success for our clients suffering from Lymphoedema , or oedemas generally. According to the frequency selected it can be used to enhance the breaking down of fibrosis as well as reduce inflammation often found in treating oedemas and certainly lymphoedema .

Does Hivamat Deep Oscillation® Massage Therapy enhance Vaser Lipo and other cosmetic surgery proocedures ?

Post Vaser liposuction , massage is always performed to help to drain the tissues in order to get the desired results quicker…. As above , by combining MLD drainage techniques , Deep Oscillation Therapy has proved to be a very efficient treatment to reduce pain and oedema and to break up fibrotic tissue resulting from the procedure .

How much does Hivamat Deep Oscillation® cost?

For more information and costs please contact us on 07919408363.