FG-MLD certified.

Certification in Nov 2018 and reviewed Jan 20

Fluoroscopy Guided Manual Lymphatic Drainage ( Fill and Flush Technique).

Prof. JP Belgrado (University of Brussels) has developed a pioneering technique having studied vast amounts of images of lymphatic vessels using NIR (near infra red radiation) and Indocyanine Green (highly fluorescent) which was injected intradermally into the compromised limbs of patients. Following observation of this he was able to establish that following a pathology, usual lymphatic pathways were utilised by the body in order to move fluid.

Real time images using this fluorescence have allowed a technique to be developed as it could be clearly seen how different hand techniques had greater or less effect on moving fluid . The most efficient hand movements have been used to devise the “Fill and Flush” Technique. By gently stretching the skin via Fill and Flush movement, the lymphatic vessels which carry substances vital to the bodies immunity are stimulated enabling waste products to be removed.

This technique has been devised using the most recent findings in pathology , physiology and anatomy .

There are several centres in the UK which are equipped with the necessary Lymphofluoroscopy equipment in order for patients to be mapped if they so choose but FG-MLD therapy can be practised without this. Lymphatic specialists are equipped to map patients and apply this to each patient according to the pathology they present with.