Does Manual Lymphatic Drainage hurt?

Not at all, Manual Lymphatic Drainage is very relaxing and has many health benefits. If there is tension or build up in some areas this may be a little tender afterwards but not painful.

Drowsiness , thirstiness , increased urination and well being are generally reported by people post MLD.

Are Manual Lymphatic Drainage’s benefits proven?

Yes they are. Medical professionals around the world use Manual Lymphatic Drainage to treat Lymphoedema and Lipoedema patients.

It is also scientifically proven to promote weight loss, healing of fractures, burns, torn ligaments and other injuries. It can also improve other chronic conditions and skin conditions.

Is there anything else that goes with MLD to improve results ?

Depending on the problem presenting will depend on what other measures are to consider.

Lymphoedema sufferers must consider that MLD alone will not be sufficient. Compression is vital in the form of compression bandages if the Lymphoedema is out of control and compression garments otherwise. Simple Lymph Techniques , Exercises and respiration therapy are also advised to maintain the limb and would be demonstrated at a session.

Healthy eating regime is also to consider.

Post operatively for Cosmetic Surgery, compression is vital and MLD should be received as early as the surgeon suggests as well as SLT and movement.

Is your therapist qualified?

Yes, all our technicians that perform Manual Lymphatic Drainage are highly qualified and trained at the founding Dr. Vodder School of MLD in the United States and have to be reviewed every two years to be on the MLDuk ( governing body)register of therapists

FG MLD requires also certification and a biannual review and to be on register of therapists.

Unfortunately there are therapists performing MLD who are neither registered nor certified MLD therapists. These people should be avoided at all costs.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the problem , the area , the age , the age of the problem and other lifestyle factors…. Many people having MLD find that things start changing rapidly ….though it varies from individual to individual.

Deep Oscillation

Please click deep oscillation therapy Hivamat tab to see how this helps.

Hivamat (the machine) Deep Oscillation® Massage Therapy hurt?

The Hivamat Deep Oscillation® massage therapy is extremely relaxing and enables your therapist to provide an effective deep tissue massage, without causing you pain or discomfort.

Is it like Ultrasound or Tens?

No, it is not. It does not require heat or electrical stimulation to achieve very effective results, making it completely safe to use over implanted pins and plates.

What applications can Hivamat Deep Oscillation® Massage Therapy be used for?

Hivamat Deep Oscillation® has been proven as an effective therapy for:

  • Occupational injury and everyday conditions associated with pain, inflammation, swelling and scar tissue
  • Combined with manual lymphatic drainage for lymphoedema sufferers and post aesthetic surgery rehabilitation
  • Sports injuries; applicable immediately after injury
  • General and surgery aftercare
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Anti-ageing treatment for face, neck and décolleté
  • Laser re-surfacing rehabilitation
  • Pre- and post-operative Liposuction
  • Respiratory problems
  • Pre-chiropractic adjustment.

How does Hivamat Deep Oscillation® Massage Therapy work?

Your therapist is connected to the Hivamat 200® machine using an electrode and you will hold a light neutral titanium bar loosely between your fingers. Wearing vinyl gloves and using talc instead of oil, your therapist massages your target area allowing the pulsed oscillations to penetrate your skin to a depth of 8-12cm through skin, connective tissue, sub-cutaneous fat, muscle, blood and lymph vessels.

Hivamat Deep Oscillation® massage therapy works by attracting and releasing your skin tissue between 5 and 250 times using electrostatic impulses. This creates a deep vibrational effect deep within the tissue which ‘stirs up’ the protein solids, inflammatory by products and lymph fluids, assisting in their dispersal/removal out of the lymph system. It is a deeply relaxing experience .

Please see section on Deep Oscillation and MLD therapy under Deep Oscillation tab.

Does Hivamat Deep Oscillation® Massage Therapy enhance Vaser Lipo and other cosmetic surgery proocedures ?

Post Vaser liposuction , massage is always performed to help to drain the tissues in order to get the desired results quicker…. As above , by combining MLD drainage techniques , Deep Oscillation Therapy has proved to be a very efficient treatment to reduce pain and oedema and to break up fibrotic tissue resulting from the procedure .

How much does Hivamat Deep Oscillation® cost?

For more information and costs please email me at info@mldsheffield.co.uk.